Milka Chepkorir

Advocate for indigenous peoples' rights and climate and human right activist

Milka Chepkorir is an anthropologist, climate and human right activist. Her activism was further known when she represented for Sengwer people living around the Embobut and Kapolet Forests. She stood to protect their rights from being forcefully expelled by Kenya Forest Service (KFS).



Her activism started from her high school life.[1] She was widely known only when she became one of fellows for "UN Human Rights Office Indigenous Fellowship Programme" in the year 2016.[2]

Through this fellowship, she attended the 16th United Nation Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York. In the event, she reported about the lack of regulations on Indigenous right by the UN. She represented the Forest People's Programme, Natural Justice and 20 other organisations. She also highlighted about the violation of KFS by burning 90 homes of Sengwer people. It started when European Union and World bank started funding them.[3]



Currently, she is working as a Coordinator of "Community Land Action NOW!" (CLAN). She is also working as a Coordinator for "Defending Territories of Life". Besides these, she is also an advisor for Agroecology fund.[4]


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