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Mill could mean:

  • Mill (grinding), equipment for the grinding or pulverizing of raw materials using millstones
  • Mill (factory), a place of business for making articles of manufacture. The term mill was once in common use for a factory because many factories in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution were powered by a watermill, but nowadays it is only used in a few specific contexts; e.g.
    • a cotton mill is a factory for processing cotton
    • a paper mill produces paper
    • a sawmill cuts timber
    • a steel mill manufactures steel
    • a sugar mill (also called a sugar refinery) processes sugar beets or sugar cane into various finished products
    • a huller (also called a rice mill, or rice husker) is used to hull rice
  • Milling machine, machine tool that operates by moving a work piece against a cutter.
  • Stamp mill, a specialized machine for reducing ore to powder for further processing or for fracturing other materials
  • Mill (currency), a tenth of a cent/penny
  • The standard author abbreviation Mill. may be used to indicate botanist Philip Miller's work when citing a botanical name
  • Diploma mill or degree mill an organization which awards academic degrees and diplomas with very little or no academic study and without recognition by official accrediting bodies
  • Nine Men's Morris, a traditional board game; the term "mill" may also mean "three (playing pieces) in a row" within the game
  • Mill (Netherlands), a town in the municipality of Mill en Sint Hubert
  • Arithmetical unit, used in the context of Charles Babbage's Analytical engine, a 19th-century concept of a computer
  • Windmill (breakdance move) or mill, a power move in breakdancing
  • The Mill (post-production), a visual effects company
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