Milpitas Unified School District

The Milpitas Unified School District is a school district in Milpitas, California. It consists of nine elementary schools (K-6), two middle schools (7-8), one comprehensive high school (9-12), one continuation high school (9-12), one community day school, and one adult school. The superintendent is Cheryl Jordan who began in 2016. Past superintendents include Cary Matsuoka, Karl Black, Marlin Foxworth, Charles Perotti, Mary Frances Callan, and John Mackey. The district serves nearly 10,000 students.

All of the elementary and middle schools are named after the early settlers who cultivated the land in what is now Milpitas.



  • William Burnett Elementary School
  • Curtner Elementary School
  • Pomeroy Elementary School
  • Alexander Rose Elementary School
  • Robert Randall Elementary School
  • John Sinnott Elementary School
  • Anthony Spangler Elementary School
  • Joseph Weller Elementary School
  • Pearl Zanker Elementary School


  • Thomas Russell Middle School
  • Rancho Milpitas Middle School


  • Milpitas High School


  • The Calaveras Hill Continuation High School
  • Milpitas Community Day School (Closed 2009)
  • Milpitas Adult School

Former Schools:

  • Samuel Ayer High School (Closed 1980)
  • Gertude Abel Elementary School (Closed 1978)
  • Martin Murphy Elementary School (Closed 1983)