Mir Masjidi Khan

Afghan resistance leader

Sahibzada Mir Masjidi Khan (died 1841) was a leader in the Kohistan region of Afghanistan. He opposed the occupation of Afghanistan by the Government of British India during the First Anglo-Afghan War. Leaders in the Kohistan region including Mir Masjidi Khan, refused to pay taxes to the British, and began to organize their soldiers in July 1840.[1] After attacks by British soldiers he and Sultan Muhammad Khan joined forces with Dost Muhammad Khan and fought a major battle with British at Parwan on November 2nd, 1840.[1] After the battle Mir Masjid Khan continued to attack the British, while Dost Muhammad Khan surrendered. Mir Masjidi was later given poison by the British and he later died.[source?]

He is remembered by the Mir Masjidi Khan Medal, the second highest civilian award in Afghanistan. Winners have included the boxer Hamid Rahimi,[2] truck driver Adam Khan,[3] Olympic games coach Bashir Taraki[4] and teacher Attaullah Wahidyar.[5]


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