Mohamed Farrah Aidid

Somalian military officer (1934-1996)

Mohamed Farrah Hassan Aidid (Somali: Maxamed Faarax Xasan Caydiid; Arabic: محمد فرح حسن عيديد; 15 December 1934 – 1 August 1996) was a Somali general and diplomat. He was the chairman of the United Somali Congress (USC). Aidid later led the Somali National Alliance (SNA). He was a part of the groups that overthrew and exiled President Mohamed Siad Barre's socialist and communist government from Somalia during the Somali Civil War in the early 1990s.

Mohamed Farrah Aidid
محمد فرح عيديد
Мохамед Фарах Айдид.jpg
Personal details
Born(1934-12-15)15 December 1934
Galkayo, Somaliland, Kingdom of Italy[1]
Died1 August 1996(1996-08-01) (aged 61)
Mogadishu, Somalia
Political partyUnited Somali Congress/Somali National Alliance (USC/SNA)
Spouse(s)Khadija Gurhan
Alma materFrunze Military Academy

In 1992, Aidid attacked United Nations troops. This caused him to be named the world’s first Wanted Man of the Unified Task Force. After UN peacekeepers withdrew in 1993, 19 American soldiers were killed by Aidid's forces.[2] They also attacked peacekeepers, caused violence and committed crimes against humanity.[3]

On 1 August 1996, Aidid suffered a heart attack after being wounded. He died at the age of 61.


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