Mopti bus massacre

Massacre in Mali

A massacre occurred on December 3, 2021, in Mopti Region in central Mali. A group of unknown insurgents shot at a bus and set it on fire, killing 31 civilians. Most of the victims were women travelling from the town of Songo-Doubacore to a market in the town of Bandiagara.[1]

Mopti bus massacre
Part of the Mali War
LocationMopti Region, Mali
DateDecember 3, 2021
PerpetratorsProbably Islamist rebels

The mayor of the closest town, Bankass, said that the gunmen shot the tires on the bus before going on to shoot the civilians to death.[1] After the crime scene was visited by state security officers,[1] they found 25 burnt bodies in the vehicle's trunk.[2]

The massacre happened on the same day that Islamist rebels attacked a group in the region, killing two UN peacekeepers. The attacks were part of a bigger campaign by jihadists in West Africa.[3]



Mali's president, Assimi Goïta, ordered all people in Mali to fly the country's flags at half-mast from Sunday to Tuesday, during which Mali would hold three national days of mourning.[3]


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