Moroccan Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Moroccan Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor racing event. It began in 1925 in Casablanca, Morocco. The official name was "Casablanca Grand Prix".

Moroccan Grand Prix
Ain-Diab Circuit
Race information
Number of times held13
First held1925, First F1-1958
Last held1958
Most wins (drivers)no repeat winners
Most wins (constructors)France Bugatti (4)
Circuit length7.618 km (4.724 mi)
Race length403.754 km (250.37 mi)
Last race (1958)
Pole position
Fastest lap

In 1930, the race was moved to the new Anfa Racecourse. There was no race in 1933. There were no races between 1935 and 1953. When it returned in 1954, it was held on a circuit at the city of Agadir for sports cars.

A new circuit at Ain-Diab near Casablanca was ready for the 1957 Moroccan Grand Prix Formula One race. This race did not counttoward the World Championship. The only World Championship F1 race was in 1958. The race was marred by the death of Stuart Lewis-Evans. This was the last Grand Prix organized in Morocco.

Winners of the Moroccan Grand Prix


Repeat winners (drivers)


No driver won the Moroccan Grand Prix more than one time.

Repeat winners (constructors)

Number of wins Driver Years
4   Bugatti 1926, 1928, 1931, 1932
3   Ferrari 1954, 1955, 1956

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By year

Year Driver Constructor Category Location
1958   Stirling Moss Vanwall Formula One Ain-Diab
1957   Jean Behra Maserati Formula One Ain-Diab
1956   Maurice Trintignant Ferrari Sports cars Agadir
1955   Mike Sparken Ferrari Sports cars Agadir
1954   Giuseppe Farina Ferrari Sports cars Agadir
Not held
1934   Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo Touring cars Anfa
1933 Not held
1932   Marcel Lehoux Bugatti Touring cars Anfa
1931   Stanislas Czaikowski Bugatti Touring cars Anfa
1930   Charles Bénitah Amilcar Touring cars Anfa
1929 Not held
1928   E. Meyer Bugatti Touring cars Casablanca
1927   G. Roll Georges Irat Touring cars Casablanca
1926   R. Meyerl Bugatti Touring cars Casablanca
1925   Comte de Vaugelas Delage Touring cars Casablanca

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