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Mostar is the fifth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2019 the city had a total population of 104,518. The city has several different cultures living in it but is mostly inhabited by Croats.[1] Mostar is home to one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most visited landmarks, The Old Bridge, which was damaged during the Croat-Bosniak War which also had ended up destroying most of the cities bridges, but since 1995 the city has been restored. The Old Bridge was built by the Ottomans and is an example of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.

Mostar old town
Mostar old town
Flag of Mostar
Coat of arms of Mostar
Location of Mostar
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
EntityFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
CantonHerzegovina-Neretva Canton
 • Total105,797

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Mostar International Airport is located approximately 4.4 miles from the city center.

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