Motion Picture Sound Editors

American honorary society of motion picture sound editors

Founded in 1953, Motion Picture Sound Editors (M.P.S.E.) is an honorary society of motion picture sound editors. The society's goals are to educate others about and increase the recognition of the sound editors, show the artistic merit of the soundtracks, and improve the professional relationship of its members. The society is not to be confused with an industry union, such as the I.A.T.S.E The current president is Bobbi Banks.

The names of active members of the MPSE will generally appear in film credits with the post-nominal letters "MPSE".

Membership requirements change

The following are required for the membership application:

  • A three year list of credits as one (or more) of the following:
  • Two active MPSE member sponsors
  • One letter of a sponsoring active MPSE member

The Golden Reel Awards change

Started in 1953, the MPSE has annually presented awards to sound editors in the following categories:

  • Dialogue & ADR
  • Effects & Foley
  • Music

The categories are further broken down based on specific genres and between Feature Film's and Television shows.

There are also "other" categories that include Sound Editing in Computer Entertainment, the Career Achievement Award, and the Inaugural Filmmaker's Award. The MPSE also sponsors the Verna Fields Award for Sound Editing in a Student Film and the Ethel Crutcher Scholarship.

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