Mountain View, California

city in Santa Clara County, California, United States

Mountain View is a city in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is north of San Jose and south of San Francisco. It is the fourth largest city in Santa Clara County behind San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara. It is part of Silicon Valley.



Mountain View is located south of the San Francisco Bay and west of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is bordered by Palo Alto to the northwest, Los Altos to the south and southwest, and Sunnyvale to the east.



The major highways in Mountain View are California State Route 85, California State Route 82, California State Route 237, and U.S. Route 101. California State Route 85 terminates at U.S. 101 and California State Route 237 terminates at California State Route 82. California 82 is known as the El Camino Real and follows the historic route of U.S. 101 through the San Francisco Bay Area. From Mountain View, tourists can take U.S. 101 North to get to San Francisco, U.S. 101 South to get to San Jose and Los Angeles, California 85 South to get to Los Gatos and Gilroy, California 237 East to get to Milpitas, California 82 North to get to Los Altos and Palo Alto, and California 82 South to get to Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and San Jose.



Companies in Mountain View include Google and Mozilla.