Munchkin cat

dwarf cat breed

A Munchkin cat is a type of cat breed that is a medium sized cat weighing 4 to 9 lbs. A Munchkin cat is best known for its short legs and outgoing personality.[1]

An adolescent munchkin kitten.
OriginUnited States
Breed standards
Domestic cat (Felis catus)

Cost change

A munchkin cat can range from a wide range of prices depending on factors like gender or the cats color, whether they are a purebred seller or a private seller. Female cats can be more money because they can have kittens. Baby cats tend to cost more and the adult cats cost less. The prices for these cats can be $500 (U.S) to $1200 (U.S) . [2]

Personality change

A Munchkin cat are loving and friendly.[3] These cats want to be around humans. They love hugs and love to be pet. Munchkin cats get along with other cats Munchkins get along with dogs. These cats make great indoor cats and can hunt mice. Munchkin cats live 12 to 14 years and come in all types of colors and patterns. Munchkin cat eyes come in any color.

Care change

The care for a munchkin cat is important.[4] Care for these cats includes brushing their fur once a week and to have water and food for the cat. These cats need a mix of wet food because it has vitamins and dry food for a healthy diet. Munchkins also need a lot of exercise. Having fake mice and a lot of different toys is good.

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