NBC Studios (New York City)

television studio complex in Manhattan, New York City

NBC Studios are in the historic 30 Rockefeller Plaza (on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th streets) in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. The building has the NBC television network headquarters, its parent NBCUniversal, and NBC's flagship station WNBC (Channel 4). It also has the cable news channel MSNBC.

Shows produced at NBC Studios New York change

30 Rockefeller Plaza is the world headquarters of NBC.
Ground-level entrance
Marquee from the side

The shows that are produced at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (shows taping as of the 2018–19 season in bold):

Program Network/Station Dates Studio
The 11th Hour with Brian Williams MSNBC 2016–present 3A
30 Rock NBC 2006–2013 8H (Live episodes)
All In with Chris Hayes MSNBC 2013–present 3K, 4E, 6A
Call My Bluff NBC 1965 6A
The Caroline Rhea Show Syndication 2002–2003 8G
Charge Account/Jan Murray Show NBC 1960–1962 6B
Concentration NBC 1958–1973 3A, 6A, 8G
Countdown with Keith Olbermann MSNBC 2007–2011 1A
The Crossover NBC Sports Network 2013–2014 8G
The Cycle MSNBC 2012–2015 3A, 3K
Dateline NBC NBC 1992–present 3A, 3B, 3K, 4E
The David Letterman Show NBC 1980 6A
Deadline: White House MSNBC 2017–present 4E
The Doctors NBC 1963–1982 3B, 3A
Dough Re Mi NBC 1958–1960 6A
Dr. Nancy MSNBC 2009 3A
The Dr. Oz Show Syndication 2009–2012 6A
E! News E! 2020–present 6E
Early Today NBC 2007–present 3K, 6E, 4E
The Ed Show MSNBC 2009–2015 3K, 3A
Football Night in America NBC 2006–2014 8G, 8H
He Said, She Said Syndication 1968 8H
House Party with Steve Doocy Syndication 1990 6A
How to Survive a Marriage NBC 1974–1975 8G
Howdy Doody NBC 1947–1960 3A,3H,3K,8G
Huntley-Brinkley Report NBC 1956–1970 6B,5HN,8G
Jackpot NBC 1974–1975 8G
The Jane Pauley Show Syndication 2004–2005 8G
Jeopardy! NBC 1964–1975 8G
Last Call with Carson Daly NBC 2002–2005 8H
The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell MSNBC 2011–present 3K, 4E
Late Night
(David Letterman and Conan O'Brien)
NBC 1982–2009 6A
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon NBC 2009–2014 6B, 6A
Late Night with Seth Meyers NBC 2014–present 8G
Live at Five WNBC 1980–2007 6B
The Match Game NBC 1962–1969 8H
Maya & Marty NBC 2016 6A
Megyn Kelly Today NBC 2017–2018 6A
The Meredith Vieira Show Syndication 2014–2016 6A
Missing Links NBC 1963–1964 6A
Morning Joe MSNBC 2007–present 3A
Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan MSNBC 2009 3A
MSNBC Live MSNBC 2007–present 3A, 4E
NBC News at Sunrise NBC 1983–1999 3K
NBC Nightly News NBC 1970–present 8G, 3K, 3B, 3C
NBC Sports studio shows NBC 1947–2014 6A, 3K, 8G
News 4 New York WNBC 1941–present 3B, 6B, 7E, 3C, 3K
PDQ (New York shows) Syndication 1965–1969 8G
Personality NBC 1967–1969 6A
The Phil Donahue Show Syndication 1985–1996 8G
Play Your Hunch NBC 1959–1963 6B
Pop of the Morning E! 2020–present 6E
Reach for the Stars NBC 1967 6A
The Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC 2008–present 3A
Rock Center with Brian Williams NBC 2011–2013 3B
The Rosie O'Donnell Show Syndication 1996–2002 8G
Sale of the Century NBC, Syndication 1969–1974 8H
Saturday Night Live NBC 1975–present 8H
Say When!! NBC 1961–1965 6A
Shoot for the Stars NBC 1977 6A
Split Personality NBC 1959–1960 6A
That Was the Week That Was NBC 1963–1965 6A, 8H (live)
Tic Tac Dough NBC 1956–1959 8G, 6B
Today NBC 1952–present 3K, 8G, 6A, 3B, 1A
To Tell the Truth Syndication 1971–1978; 1980–1981 8G, 8H, 6A
The Tonight Show
(Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Jimmy Fallon)
NBC 1957–1972; 2014–present 6B
Treasure Hunt NBC 1957–1959 8G
Twenty-One NBC 1956–1958 6A, 6B
Up MSNBC 2011–2013 3A
Verdict with Dan Abrams MSNBC 2007–2008 3A
What's My Line? Syndication 1971–1975 6A
The Who, What, or Where Game NBC 1969–1974 6A, 8H
Way Too Early MSNBC 2009–2016 3A
Word for Word NBC 1963–1964 6A
You're Putting Me On NBC 1969 6A

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