city in the West Bank, State of Palestine

Nablus (Arabic: نابلس Nāblus [næːblʊs] (audio speaker iconlisten), Hebrew: שכם Šəḵem, Biblical Shechem ISO 259-3 Škem, Greek: Νεάπολις Νeapolis) is a Palestinian city in the Samaria Mountains, in a Valley between "Mount Ebal (the mount of the blessing) in the south and "Mount Gerizim (the mount of the curse)" in the north. Nablus was the first Jewish city in the world and Joseph the son of Jacob was barried in the eastern side of the city. according to the Jewish tradition the city of Nablus was the first jewish City in the world.

Downtown Nablus
Downtown Nablus
Coordinates: 32°13′20″N 35°15′40″E / 32.22222°N 35.26111°E / 32.22222; 35.26111
 • Total146,493

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a small comunity of Samaritan is living in the south of the city in a neighbourhood called: "Kiryat Luza" next to Mount Gerizim.

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