Napoleon Dynamite

2004 film by Jared Hess
For the television series based on the film, see Napoleon Dynamite (TV series).

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2004 American comedy movie by John Hess and starring Jon Heder.

Napoleon is an unusual school teenager who lives in Preston, Idaho. He does not have a good home life. Napoleon lives with his older brother Kip and their grandmother. Napoleon’s grandmother goes to see some friends. Napoleon and Kip are left to stay with their uncle Rico. One day Napoleon meets Pedro. They become good friends. Pedro runs for school president. Pedro has to compete with the most popular girl in school, Summer Wheatly, to win the school vote. Napoleon meets a girl named Deb who he begins to like. Deb, Napoleon and Pedro keep working for Pedro to beat Summer Wheatly for president. Napoleon dances in a skit at the announcing of the president for Pedro. Kip gets married and Pedro becomes school president. Napoleon and Deb live a happy life together.

Main Characters

Actor Character
Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Gries Uncle Rico
Efren Ramirez Pedro Sanchez
Aaron Ruell Kip
Diedrich Bader Rex
Tina Majorino Deb
Sandy Martin Grandma
Haylie Duff Summer Wheatly

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