National Action Party (Mexico)

Mexican political party

The National Action Party (Spanish: Partido Acción Nacional, PAN), founded in 1939. It is one of the three big political parties in Mexico. It has been an important political party winning local, state, and national elections. It is the most conservative party.

In 2000, PAN candidate Vicente Fox was elected president for a six-year term; in 2006, PAN candidate Felipe Calderón replaced Fox in presidency. During the period 2000-2012, both houses of the legislature had PAN pluralities, but the party did not have a majority in either house of the Congress.

In the 2006 legislative elections the party won 207 out of 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 52 out of 128 Senators. In the 2012 Legislative Elections, the PAN won 38 seats in the Senate, and 114 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.[1]

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