New Age

spiritual or religious beliefs and practices that developed in Western nations during the 1970s
New Age shop in St Albans, UK

The New Age, also called the New Age movement is a kind of spiritual belief and way of life held by some westerners. It is not an organized religion. They believe in religious pluralism- that people are free to decide what they believe and how they use it in their lives. They pick and mix what they believe with bits taken from both eastern and western culture and religions. They make their own decisions about what God is and how they worship God, if they even believe in God at all. New Age people often meditate, sometimes to seek their own contact with God.

There are many authors who describe how they see the New Age in books. There is also New Age music which tends to be calm and relaxing.

New Age people do all believe that a new future time is coming in which people will be more aware of their own special spiritual nature and this will make the world a different and better place.