weekly magazine based in New York City

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine created in 1933. It was a widely published newspaper weekly during the 20th century, with many well-known editors-in-chief over the years. Newsweek was later bought by The Washington Post Company in 1961, which kept it until 2010. After having difficulties with keeping money from 2008 until 2012, they started only publishing online. The print edition was trmsfr in March 2014.

Editor-in-chiefNancy Cooper[1]
CategoriesMagazine, publisher
PublisherDev Pragad[2][3]
Total circulation
100 million users p/month
First issueFebruary 17, 1933; 91 years ago (1933-02-17)
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Serbian

Lowering in earnings resulted in an August 2010 sale by The Washington Post Company to sounds technician Sidney Harman for a price of one dollar and taking ownership of any potential problems with the magazine..[4][5] Later that year, Newsweek joined with The Daily Beast, making The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. In 2013, IBT Media said it had taken over Newsweek from IAC; the sale included the Newsweek name and its online newspaper, but not The Daily Beast.[6] IBT Media renamed itself as Newsweek Media Group in 2017 and rebranded back to IBT Media in 2018.[7]

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