Nigel Short

English chess player and writer

Nigel David Short MBE (born 1 June 1965 in Leigh, Lancashire) is often regarded as the strongest English chess player of the 20th century. He became a Grandmaster at age 19. He challenged for the World Chess Championship against Garry Kasparov at London 1993. Still active, Short continues to enjoy international success. He is also a chess columnist, coach and commentator.

Nigel Short
Full nameNigel Short
Country England
FIDE rating2686
(No. 47 on the March 2010
FIDE ratings list)
Peak rating2712 (April 2004)
Short in play.

Short's best achievement was in the World Candidates matches of 1992, when he beat world-class players Boris Gelfand, Anatoly Karpov and Jan Timman to reach the final. In the World Championship match, London 1993, he was decisively beaten by the reigning World Champion, Gary Kasparov. The match caused controversy because the two players broke away from FIDE, for reasons mostly to do with the prize money.[1]

Short has played 21 times for England in Chess Olympiads, and European and World Team championships. He has been living in Greece with his wife and children for a number of years.


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