Nikolai Gogol

Russian writer of Ukrainian origin (1809–1852)

Mykola Vasylovych Gogol (Russian:Никола́й Васи́льевич Го́голь; IPA: [nʲɪkəˈlaj vʌˈsʲilʲjɪvʲɪtɕ ˈgogəlʲ]; Ukrainian: Микола Васильович Гоголь, Mykola Vasylovych Hohol) (April 1, 1809[1]March 4, 1852) was a Russian and Ukrainian playwright, writer of novel and short story. He came from Ukraine. His early works were heavily influenced by his Ukrainian heritage and upbringing. He wrote in Russian. His works belong to the tradition of Russian literature. The novel Dead Souls (1842), the play Revizor (1836, 1842), and the short story The Overcoat (1842) count among his masterpieces.

Mykola Vasylovych Gogol
Никола́й Васи́льевич Го́голь
Mykola Gogol by Alexander Ivanov
Mykola Gogol by Alexander Ivanov
BornApril 1, 1809
DiedMarch 4, 1852
OccupationShort story writer and novelist
NationalityRussian Empire

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Mykola Gogol was born in Poltava governorate.

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