Nongban Pombi Luwaoba

Meitei scriptures
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"Nongban Pombi Luwaopa" (Meitei: ꯅꯣꯡꯕꯥꯟ ꯄꯣꯝꯕꯤ ꯂꯨꯋꯥꯎꯕ) or "Nungpan Ponpi Luwaopa" (Meitei: ꯅꯨꯡꯄꯥꯟ ꯄꯣꯟꯄꯤ ꯂꯨꯋꯥꯎꯄ) is an ancient Meitei literary narrative work (puya), about the love saga of a prince of the Luwang dynasty and Koubru Namoinu (Lainaotabi), the former consort of Thongaren, the god of death and the ruler of the underworld.[1] It is an old story of near tragic end.[2][3] In the legend, there's a fight between the mortal and the god.[4] It mentions about the dowry system (Awonpot) of the then ancient times.[5]

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