Norma Cruz

Guatemalan human rights activist

Norma Angélica Cruz Córdoba (Norma Cruz) is a Guatemalan human rights activist who works to stop violence against women.[1] Cruz is the head of the Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivors' Foundation), a women's rights organization in Guatemala City.[2] In 2009, the US Department of State gave Cruz an International Women of Courage Award. [3]

Norma Cruz receives the International Women of Courage Award from Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in 2009.


Norma Cruz was born in Guatemala City in 1962. Her father was a shoemaker and her mother was a cook. [4] As a teenager, Cruz was a student leader and a missionary. When she was 15 years old, Cruz joined a convent. Two years later, she left the convent, because she wanted a more political life. [5]


Cruz started the organization Fundación Sobrevivientes on July 3, 1996. It started as a women's support center. Now it has a shelter for up to 20 women, teenagers, and children. In 2009, 110 people stayed at the shelter. The organization also gives legal help to women who want to take legal action in the courts. [6]


  • 2009 International Women of Courage Award from U.S. Department of State[3]
  • 2009 Person of the Year by Prensa Libre, the leading newspaper in Guatemala [4]


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