North Chungcheong

province in South Korea

North Chungcheong Province, or Chungcheongbuk-do (Korean pronunciation: [tɕʰuŋtɕʰʌŋbukt͈o]), is a province in the centre of South Korea. It was formed in 1896 from the northeastern half of the former Chungcheong province. The provincial capital is Cheongju.

North Chungcheong Province
Country South Korea
Region Hoseo
Capital Cheongju
 - elevation 39 m (128 ft)
 - coordinates 36°38′N 127°29′E / 36.633°N 127.483°E / 36.633; 127.483
Area 7,433 km² (2,870 sq mi)
Population 1,578,934 (October 2014)
Density 212 /km² (549 /sq mi)
Subdivisions 3 cities (Si); 8 counties (Gun)
Governor Lee Si-jong
Location of North CHungcheong Province
Location of North CHungcheong Province
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