2020 film directed by Mitch Teemley

Notzilla is a 2019 American comedy-action fantasy giant monster parody film produced by Creepy Ex-Boyfriend, the film was directed by Mitch Teemley. this film inspired by many japanese monster movies from 1950s'-1970s' itself as a spoof of Godzilla.

Directed byMitch Teemley
Screenplay byMitch Teemley
Story byMitch Teemley
Produced byAymie Majerski
Mitch Teemley
StarringFrederic Eng-li
Tifani Ahren-Davis
Becca Kravitz
Kenneth Early
Charlie Harper
Tim Bensch
Jacob Baker
CinematographyJeff Barklage
Edited byJim Bailey
Music byStephen Goers
Creepy Ex-Boyfriend
Notzilla Productions
Distributed byAllied Vaughn Home Entertainment
Release date
  • August 18, 2020 (2020-08-18) (United States)
Running time
79 minutes
CountryUnited States

in 1962, United Nations and JSDF to kill a monster known as Notzilla by a paleontologist named Professor Honda. an monster egg started to hatches Notzilla to started to drink beer and grow another times, escaping Notzilla as a 60 meters tall, for drinking full of beer an tries to rampage on the city.

  • Frederic Eng-li as Hiro Honda
  • Tifani Ahren Davies as Shirley
  • Tim Bensch as Dr. Blowheart
  • Becca Kravitz as Dr. Butay
  • Kenneth Early as Dr. Bloch
  • Charlie Harper as Dr. Shortman
  • Darnell Benjamin as Colonel Stickler
  • Roger Cupp as Lieutenant Cupp
  • Michael Wilhelm as Dr. Mungish
  • Samantha Russell as Pearl
  • Rupert Spraul as Kenny Wannabee
  • Christine Jones as Gen. Specific
  • Michael Bath as Gen. Dirk Bogus
  • Spencer Lackley as Bobby Bleech
  • Jacob Baker as Notzilla



they the film released in August 18, 2020 in VOD format.

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