Noura Ghazi

Syrian Human Rights lawyer

Noura Ghazi (نورة غازي) also Noura Ghazi al-Safadi ( نورة غازي الصفدي ) was born September 30 1981 in Damascus, Syria. She is a Syrian lawyer. Her husband, Bassel disappeared in Syria in 2014.[1]

Noura Ghazi in 2011.

Life change

Ghazi's father was an activist for workers. When Ghazi was five years old, her father was sent to prison by the Supreme Court of State Security.[2] Noura Ghazi studied law at Damascus University.[2]

Work change

Ghazi became a human rights lawyer in 2004.[3] She defends people who are in jail because they are prisoners of conscience in Syria.[4]

Ghazi's husband Bassel Khartabil (Arabic: باسل خرطبيل‎), or Bassel Safadi (Arabic: باسل صفدي‎), a Syrian-Palestinian who wrote open-source software, was arrested on March 15, 2012.[5] They were married at Adra prison on January 7, 2013.[6][7]

While Bassel was in prison, from 2012-2015, Ghazi wrote a book about him called Waiting. Bassel translated the book into English.[8]

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