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In Norse mythology, Óðr (sometimes written in English as Odr or Od) is a man associated with the goddess Freyja. The Prose Edda and Heimskringla, both by Snorri Sturluson, describe Óðr as Freyja's husband. They also describe him as the father of Freyja's daughter Hnoss. Heimskringla adds that the couple had another daughter together, Gersemi.

Óðr leaves Freyja, who is crying. Odur verläßt abermals die trauernde Gattin (1882). The artist is unknown.

Not much else is written about Óðr, except that he often went away on long journeys. Freyja wept when she missed him. Several scholars have suggested that Óðr may just have been another name for the god Odin.When Freyja wept, she wept tears of red gold, which was very valuable and precious, and this is what she used to give to heroes to do jobs for her so that they had something to bargain with.