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The Orne (61) is a department in France. It is in the Normandy region. Its prefecture is Alençon and its sub-prefectures are Argentan and Mortagne-au-Perche. The department's name comes from the river Orne which flows through it.

Map of the Orne department

History Edit

The Orne was one of the original 83 departments created in 1790.

Geography Edit

Forêt des Andaines (Andaines Forest)

The department borders several other departments:

There is also a 105,000 ha forest called forêt des Andaines (Andaines Forest).

Culture Edit


The Orne is famous for its:

It is also known to be famous for its trotting horses.

Monuments Edit

Carrouges' Château

(A château is a castle in French)

  • Château of Sassy
  • Château médiéval de Domfront
  • Château of Couterne
  • Château of La Ferté-Fresnel at La Ferté-Frênel
  • Château of Carrouges