Our Dancing Daughters

1928 film by Harry Beaumont

Our Dancing Daughters is a 1928 MGM silent movie. The movie is about the loosening of youth morals that took place during the 1920s. The movie was directed by Harry Beaumont. It was produced by Hunt Stromberg. The movie made Joan Crawford a big star. She remained a big star for the next 50 years.

"Dangerous Diana" Medford (Joan Crawford) is flashy and popular. Inside, she is a good person. Her friend Ann is an amoral boy-chaser. Diana and Ann both like Ben Blaine. He thinks Diana is not interested in him. He marries Ann. Diana becomes unhappy for a while. Later, she throws a party. Ann hopes to go with her lover, Freddie. She argues with her husband. She goes to the party. Ben goes to the party behind Ann's back. Ben and Diana realize they love each other. Ann gets drunk. She falls to her death. Ben and Diana are free to wed.