Owen Morris

Welsh record producer

Owen Dylan Morris (born 13 May 1968 in Caernarfon, Wales) is a music producer who has worked with rock bands like Oasis and The Verve.

He started working in the music industry as a sound engineer at Spaceward Studio in Cambridge when he was 16. He continued as an engineer until 1994 when he started producing some work for Oasis at the end of the Definitely Maybe sessions. Morris continued working with Oasis for their next two albums (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now. Morris appears on the cover of (What's the Story) Morning Glory? holding the album's master tape.

He also produced The Verve album A Northern Soul, Ash's 1977 and the debut United Kingdom album, For God's Sake for the singer Sek Loso. In 2000 he recorded and produced Ash's album Free All Angels. He produced The Paddingtons debut album "First Comes First," which was released in October 2005 on Poptones Records. In the early summer of 2006 he produced Hats Off to the Buskers, the debut album of The View through Columbia Records.

He developed an engineering technique called "Brick Walling" on Definitely Maybe. The effect made Definitely Maybe louder than other albums at the time. The NME described the resulting sound as "an ear-splitting sonic stew".[1]


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