PS10 solar power plant

concentrated solar power station in Spain

The PS10 Solar Power Plant (Spanish: Planta Solar 10) is a solar power plant in Sanlucar la Mayor, Spain.

PS10 Solar Power Plant
Official namePlanta Solar 10
LocationSanlúcar la Mayor, Seville Province, Andalusia
Coordinates37°26′32″N 06°15′15″W / 37.44222°N 6.25417°W / 37.44222; -6.25417
Construction began2004
Commission date30 March 2007[1]
Construction cost35 million
Owner(s)Abengoa Solar
Solar farm
CSP technologySolar power tower
Site resource2,012 kWh/m2/yr
Power generation
Nameplate capacity11 MW
Capacity factor24%
Annual net output23.4 GWh
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The 11 megawatt PS10 solar power tower produces electricity from the sun using 624 large movable mirrors called heliostats.[2]

The plant is made up of a tower in the center of a large field covered in many mirrors. Each of the 624 moveable mirrors has an area of 120 m2 (1290 ft2). The mirrors reflect the light from the Sun to the top of the tower. The heat warms water within pipes in the central tower turning it into steam. The steam drives turbines which, at their peak, put out 11 MW of electricity.[3]

The planet is good for providing electricity during the hottest parts of the day when air conditioning demand is the highest.



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