Palace of Ardashir

royal palace of ancient Persia

The Palace of Ardashir Pāpakan (in Persian: قصر اردشير پاپکانQasr-eh Ardashir-eh Pāpakān), also known as the Atash-kadeh آتشکده, is a castle located on the slopes of the mountain on which Dezh Dokhtar is situated. Built in AD 224 by King Ardashir I of the Sassanian Empire, it is located two kilometers (1.2 miles) north of the ancient city of Gor, i.e. the old city of Artakhsher Khwarah/Khor Adashir/Gor Adesheer (Glory of [king] Ardasher) in Pars, in ancient Persia (Iran)

The Palace of Ardashir

Coordinates: 28°53′53″N 52°32′22″E / 28.898091°N 52.539314°E / 28.898091; 52.539314

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