Panjshir Province

province of Afghanistan

Panjshir (Persian: پنجشیر‎, meaning "Five Lions", also spelled as Panjsher) is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Panjshir province is known for not being taken by the Soviets during their occupation in the 1980s. There has not been as much violence here as the rest of the country.

Panjshir (پنجشیر)
Country Afghanistan
Capital Bazarak
 - coordinates 35°24′N 70°00′E / 35.4°N 70.0°E / 35.4; 70.0
Area 3,610 km² (1,394 sq mi)
Population 139,000 (2009[1])
Timezone UTC+4:30
Main language Dari Persian
Map of Afghanistan with Panjshir highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Panjshir highlighted


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