Pantaleon Hebenstreit

German composer and music educator

Pantaleon Hebenstreit (27 November 1668 – 15 November 1750) was a German violinist, dulcimer player, and composer.

He was born in Eisleben. He ran away to Merseburg because he had a lot of debt.[1] He invented a large dulcimer. It is a musical instrument that can play different dynamics. He played the instrument in Leipzig, Berlin, and Paris. He played the instrument in front of King Louis XIV. The king asked that the instrument be called the "pantaleon".[2]

He was given a job in Weißenfels in 1705. In 1707, he moved to Eisenach. He became a dancing master in Eisenach.[2] He also played the violin with Georg Philipp Telemann. Telemann played concertos for two violins with him.[3] Hebenstreit hired musicians from Weißenfels to work in Eisenach.[4]

He moved to Dresden in 1714. He joined the Dresden court's orchestra. He stopped playing the pantaleon in 1733. His eyesight became worse. He died in Dresden on 15 November 1750, aged 81.[2]


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