Papal Navy

Navy of the Papal States

The Papal Navy (Italian: Marina Pontificia, "Pontifical Navy"; Latin: Classis Pontificiae[1]) was the main navy of the Papal States from the Battle of Ostia (879) until the Fall of the Papal States in 1871.

Papal Navy
Marina Pontificia
Naval Flag
Disbanded1870; 154 years ago (1870)
(1878; 146 years ago (1878) official by pope)
CountryPapal States
PatronSaint Peter
Saint Paul
EngagementsBattle of Ostia
Battle of Lepanto
Napoleonic Wars
Italian Unification
Alessandro Cialdi
Marcantonio Colonna
  • At Lepanto:
    • Capitana ("flagship")
    • Padrona ("squadron flagship")
    • Suprema (Supreme)
    • Serena (Serene)
    • Pace (Peace)
    • Vittoria (Victoria)
    • Grifona (Gryphon)
    • Santa Maria
    • San Giovanni
    • Regina (Queen)
  • San Bonaventura (St. Bonaventure)[2]
  • San Pietro, a schooner
  • San Pietro, an earlier brig broken up in 1807
  • Roma, a steamer
  • Immacolata Concezione (Immaculate Conception), a corvette
Commandant Alessandro Cialdi.
Marcantonio Colonna, The Commandant of Papal Navy during Lepanto.
Crew of Papal Navy.


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