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Parmar are one of the four Agnivanshi Clans of the Rajputs. They are said to have been born out of a Sacrificial Fire-pit.

Parmar Rajvansh
Rajput noble royal family
Parent familyAgnivanshi Rajput
Current regionIndia;
EtymologyOne who Strike the Enemy
Place of originMount Abu, Rajputana
Foundedpossibly 9th century CE
FounderUpendra Raj Parmar
Current headManish Singh Parmar (heir of the Ujjainiya sub-clan)
  • Maharaja of Malwa
  • Maharaja of Ujjain
  • Parmar Naresh
  • Chakravati
  • Thakur
Connected members
Dissolution26 January 1950
Cadet branches
  • Ujjainiya
  • Muli
  • Sodha
  • Umath
  • Jaitmal
  • Mehpawat
  • Narsingh
  • Bhayal

The name Parmar means ‘one that strikes the enemy’, from Sanskrit para meaning ‘enemy’ + mara meaning ‘strike’. There are numerous variants of the name, including Pramar, Pavar, Powar, Pawar, Panwar, and Ponwar.[1]

References Edit

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