Paul Delarue

Paul Delarue (1889—1956) was a famous French collector of folk stories. His The Story of Grandmother is a version of Little Red Riding Hood, which was set down folklorist Achille Millien by as told by Louis and Francois Briffault, brothers from Nievre.[1]


  • The "Promise" by Jean-Pierre and Yeyette, 1936
  • Kids, sing our folk songs, 1938
  • The Love for Three Oranges and other folktales of the Provinces of France, 1947
  • The Beast of the Forest, 1947
  • Old trades of Nivernais. 1949 Splitters, 1949
  • The popular French tale: Catalogue of versions of France and French speaking countries overseas: Canada, Louisiana, French islands of the United States, French Antilles, Haiti, Mauritius, Reunion, in collaboration with Marie-Here Louise, Maisonneuve & Larose, 1957
  • The popular French tale, in collaboration with Marie-Louise Here, Maisonneuve & Larose, 1993 (new ed.) (ISBN 978-2706806230)


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