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A personal watercraft (PWC), often referred to as a water scooter or jet ski, is a popular and exhilarating recreational watercraft that provides riders with a thrilling on-water experience. PWCs are designed for one, two, or sometimes three riders and offer a unique way to explore bodies of water.

The heart of a PWC's propulsion system is its inboard engine, which powers a specialized water jet propulsion system. This system operates through a pump-jet mechanism featuring a screw-shaped impeller. The impeller, typically located at the rear of the watercraft, draws water in and forcefully expels it, propelling the PWC forward at high speeds. This design allows for agile and responsive maneuverability on the water.

PWCs are known for their versatility and are often used for various forms of water-based entertainment and recreation. Riders can choose to sit or stand on the PWC, adapting their position to their preference or the specific model of watercraft.

These watercraft are designed for fun and adventure, and they can reach impressive speeds, often exceeding 100 miles (161 kilometers) per hour. This capability makes them ideal for activities such as racing, water sports, exploring coastal areas, and enjoying leisurely rides on lakes and rivers. With their compact and lightweight design, PWCs are easy to transport and launch, allowing riders to access a wide range of aquatic environment.

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