Philip Carteret (colonial governor)

British colonial governor

Philip Carteret (born 1733, Trinity Manor, Jersey, Europe) was a commander in the Royal Navy. on the ship, the Salisbury, In 1747, he joined the colonial government of New Jersey. He stayed in the government until 1794. In December 1796, he died at age 63 after many years in service.

Philip Carteret 1733-1796, aged:63
Philip Carteret, 1755 age lived to: 63 Born: 1733 Died:1796

Early life change

Carteret's mother was named Elizabeth. In 1733, in Jersey, Europe, Elizabeth Carteret gave birth to a little boy, and named him Philip.

Philip went to All Saints Church, Southampton, and when he was 14, he joined the Royal Navy. He worked on the ship the HMS Salisbury, later commanding on the Salisbury.