Phosgene oxime

chemical compound

Phosgene oxime, also is also called dichloroformoxime or CX, is a chemical weapon, and a nettle agent that damages skin and other body parts. It was first made in the year 1929. When it is solid, it has no color. When it is liquid, it is yellow-brown. It has a strong, very bad odor. The way to write phosgene oxime is CCl2NOH.

This chemical has no real use, so accidental exposure is does not happen often. Exposure to CX is almost certainly the result of its use as a weapon.

Signs of phosgene oxime poisoningEdit

Phosgene oxime is bad if breathed, eaten, or placed on the skin by the skin and in very little time, the signs of poisoning are seen. If breathed, it bothers the lungs and may eventually lead to fluid in the skin. The effects on the skin include hives, itching, and death of the skin. It also causes watering of the eyes and even can cause blindness.

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