Pink Floyd – The Wall

1982 British live-action/animated musical drama film
(Redirected from Pink Floyd—The Wall)

Pink Floyd – The Wall is a British musical psychological drama movie from 1982. It was inspired by Pink Floyd's album The Wall. It was directed by Alan Parker (for the non-animation) and Gerald Scarfe (for the animation). It was distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (for the original version) and Warner Bros. (for the current version).

One of the masks worn by the children in the classroom scenes. The mask was displayed at the Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition

The movie is about a rock star named "Pink", after the band. He builds a wall to separate everyone from his life. But when Pink is on trial the judge orders the wall to be pulled down. At the Cannes Film Festival in 1982, the movie was shown "out of competition". This means it was shown in the Festival theatre but could not win the main prize.