Platonic love

non-romantic love

Platonic love or platonic relationship means a close relationship between two people that is not sexual.[1] It means a non-romantic relationship, usually between heterosexual (opposite-sex) friends.[2]

The term is named after the philosopher Plato. He never used the term himself but was the first to describe this kind of love.[3] Plato called this his theory of erôs (meaning "love")[3] and described his philosophy in his dialogues the Phaedrus and the Symposium.[4] Like many others in his society, Plato was most interested in the same-sex relationships between older and younger men.[4] However, his theory can apply also to other kinds of erotic relationships.[4] Platonic love includes a sexual desire that is overcome by a stronger desire and appreciation for friendship.[4]

A platonic relationship is a type of relationship between two people in which the primary focus is emotional or spiritual, rather than physical and sexual, and is often described as "friendship with benefits". That type of relationship generally lacks any kind of romantic, emotional, or physical commitment.[2]

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