Pokémon X and Y

role-playing video games

Pokémon X and Y are two role-playing games (RPGs) in the Pokémon series made by Game Freak for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon X and Y
Developer(s)Game Freak
Publisher(s)Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Director(s)Junichi Masuda Edit this on Wikidata
Designer(s)Satoshi Tajiri
Junichi Masuda
Platform(s)Nintendo 3DS
ReleaseOctober 12, 2013 (worldwide)[1]
online game
single-player Edit this on Wikidata

The games were announced by Nintendo on January 8, 2013. They were released on October 12, 2013.[1] X and Y are the first ever full 3D games in the main Pokémon series.[2]

New starting Pokémon were revealed in the announcement video for the game. The starters for X and Y are the Grass-type Pokémon, Chespin, the Fire-type Pokémon, Fennekin, and the Water-type Pokémon, Froakie. The announcement video also showed two new legendary Pokémon, Yveltal,(Yah-val-tal) a bird-like Pokémon which has a shape kind of like the letter Y, and Xerneas, a deer-like Pokémon which has X-shapes in its eyes. Another Pokémon, Sylveon, is both a new Eevee evolution and an entirely new type called the Fairy-type, which is strong against Dragon-type Pokémon. Some older Pokémon, like Jigglypuff, Marill, and Gardevoir, have also been changed to be part Fairy-type. There is also a new gameplay element called Mega Evolution. Some Pokémon like Mewtwo, Blaziken, and Lucario are able to power up during a battle if they are holding a Mega Stone.[3] Mega forms of Pokémon are stronger than their normal forms.

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