Polo Grounds

sports venue in Manhattan to 1963 (or multiple venues), professional ballpark 1880 to 1957, 1962-1963

The Polo Grounds was a sports stadium in New York City. It was actually the name of four different stadiums, which were all located in New York. The first Polo Grounds was the home of the New York Metropolitans baseball team from 1880 to 1885, and the New York Giants also played there. When this stadium was destroyed in 1889, the Giants moved to a new stadium, which they also called the Polo Grounds. Finally, in 1890, the Giants moved to the final version of the Polo Grounds, where they stayed until 1957. The New York Mets played at the Polo Grounds for two years after the Giants moved to San Francisco. The New York Giants and New York Jets football teams also played at the Polo Grounds, and the New York Yankees played there before Yankee Stadium was built. The Polo Grounds was torn down in 1964, and apartment buildings are now on the site.