Pony Express

former mail service

The Pony Express was a mail delivering service started on April 3, 1860. It ended on October 26, 1861.[2] It would normally deliver mail in about 10 days.[3]

The Pony Express
Public company
FateCompletion of Telegraph.
FoundedApril 3, 1860; 160 years ago (1860-04-03)
FounderAlexander Majors, William B. Waddell, and William Hepburn Russell[1]
DefunctOctober 26, 1861 (1861-10-26)


On October 24, 1861, the telegraph was completed. It sent messages faster than the Pony Express.[4] The Pony Express shut down not long after the telegraph was completed. It only lasted two days after the telegraph was first made.[5]