Pop Idol

British television series

Pop Idol was a British television series that was first shown on ITV on October 5, 2001. The show was a talent contest to decide the best new young pop singer, or 'pop idol', in the United Kingdom, based on viewer voting and participation. There were two series of Pop Idol. The first was from October 2001 - February 2002. The winner was Will Young; the runner-up was Gareth Gates. The second series was in 2003. It was won by Michelle McManus.

The Idol series has become an international franchise. It has spun off many successful shows such as Idol, American Idol, Canadian Idol, Australian Idol, Idols West Africa, Indian Idol, Indonesian Idol, New Zealand Idol, Philippine Idol, Pinoy Idol, Hay superstar, Nouvelle Star, Deutschland sucht den SuperStar, Singapore Idol, Malaysian Idol, Music Idol, Idols South Africa, Ídolos Brazil, Ídolos Portugal, and others. It also had a world version named World Idol.