Pope Boniface V


Pope Boniface V (??? – 25 October 625) was pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 23 December 619 until 25 October 625 when he died. He played a significant role in the Christianization of England. He enacted a decree that designated churches as places of refuge for criminals.[1]

Pope Saint

Boniface V
Papacy began23 December 619
Papacy ended25 October 625
PredecessorAdeodatus I
SuccessorHonorius I
Personal details
Naples, Byzantine Empire
Died25 October 625

After over a year of vacancy, he replaced Pope Adeodatus I.[1] He was described by Liber Pontificalis as "the mildest of men", whose chief distinction was his great love for the clergy.[2] He died on 25 October 625 and was buried in St. Peter's Basilica.[3] He was succeeded by Pope Sisinnius.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Adeodatus I
Succeeded by
Honorius I