Pope John I (Latin: Ioannes PP. I; circa 469-18 May 526) was the leader, pope of the early Christian community. Pope John the first, was born in Populonia, Tuscany Italy. He was the son of emperor Constantius.[1] He became the pope on Mary's Day, on 13 August 523. It's not certain if he died directly from thirst and starvation but his imprisonment and bad inhumane treatment certainly contributed to his demise. The Pope died at 11:22PM on 18 May, 526. His name means God is gracious; the gift of God.

John I
Papacy began13 August 523
Papacy ended18 May 526
PredecessorPope St. Hormisdas
SuccessorPope St. Felix IV
Personal details
Died18 May 526
MottoUnity is the Key
Other popes named John

He ended the Acacian Schism (484–519), thus after 25 years, bringing important reunification of the Eastern and Western churches into one, by restoring peace between the papacy and the Byzantine emperor Justin I. Pope also set the rules for the Alexandrian calendar computation of the date of Easter, which was eventually accepted throughout the West.

Pope John the First's official day used to be on 26 May, but only for a short time, then it was moved to 27 May. His holy day was moved again at the end of the 20th century to the more appropriate day, his birthday. His motto was: "Unity is the Key"!

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Pope John I, the Martyr