Pope Leo VII (??? − 13 July 939) was pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 3 January 936 until he died on 13 July 939.


Papacy began3 January 936
Papacy ended13 July 939
PredecessorJohn XI
SuccessorStephen VIII
Personal details
Died13 July 939

He called for Odo of Cluny to mediate between Alberic II of Spoleto and Hugh of Italy. Odo successfully negotiated a truce after he arranged a marriage between Hugh's daughter Alda and Alberic. He was appointed Frederick, Archbishop of Mainz as a reformer in Germany. He allowed Frederick to drive out Jews that had refused to be baptized but he also did not endorse the forced baptism of Jews.[1] He died on 13 July 939. After he died, he was interred into St. Peter's Basilica.

References change

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
John XI
Succeeded by
Stephen VIII