Porta Romana (Boccioni)

painting by Umberto Boccioni

The Porta Romana (also known as Workshop of Porta Romana in Milano) is a 20th-century portrait painted in oil by Umberto Boccioni, made around 1909-1910 in Milan in Via Adige, near Porta Vigentina, during the Futurism in Milano, Italy, exhibited at the Gallerie di Piazza Scala.

Porta Romana district in Milano
Italian: Officine a Porta Romana, French: Porta Romana à Milan
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ArtistUmberto Boccioni
Yearc. 1909-1910
TypeOil on poplar
Dimensions370 cm × 190 cm (145 in × 75 in)
LocationGallerie di Piazza Scala, Milano



The work is created by Boccioni in his apartment in Via Adige at number 23 in Milan, near the door Porta Romana - Vigentina, near the Museum Fondazione Prada, while looking from the window. Today the neighborhood is identified with innovative luxury fashion and art. The Palazzo displays a plaque in memory of the painter Boccioni on the outside.

Today these urban area is the youngest and most innovative in Milan and can be compared to the Upper East Side of New York.



Boccioni was inspired by his window from which he also created the work The Street Enters the House and Mater.



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