Potassium chromate

chemical compound

Potassium chromate is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is K2CrO4. It has potassium and chromate ions.

Potassium chromate

Properties change

It is a yellow crystalline solid. It is an oxidizing agent in an acidic condition. It is toxic though, because it contains chromium in its +6 oxidation state. It can be destroyed by reaction with reducing agents. It is very rarely found in the ground. It reacts with lead nitrate to make lead chromate, a yellow pigment.

Preparation change

It is made by reacting chromium trioxide with potassium hydroxide. It can also be made by oxidation of potassium hydroxide and chromium(III) oxide.

Occurrence change

Potassium chromate is found very rarely as a mineral. It dissolves easily in water. It is only found in very dry places.

Uses change

It is used to test for chloride ions. It can also be used to make lead chromate for paint.

Safety change

Potassium chromate is very toxic. It is a carcinogen. It reacts with reducing agents violently when in acid.

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