Practical jokes

act meant to produce humor by causing annoyance, alarm, confusion, discomfort, or embarrassment, but no lasting harm

A practical joke also called a prank is a trick used to embarrass or confuse someone as a joke. Practical jokes are extremely common on April Fools.

List of Practical Joke Topics change

Some common pranks include

• Egging, throwing eggs at people or property

Pantsing, pulling down a person’s trousers or underwear

• Giving people itching powder, which is a powder that makes people need to scratch.

• Kick Me note, putting a sign saying “kick me” on someone’s back so that people will kick them.

• Milkshaking, throwing milkshakes at people.

• Mooning, when a person takes off their pants and underwear and make other people look at their buttocks.

• Panty raid, stealing women’s underwear.

• Pieing, throwing pies into people’s faces.

• Toilet Papering, covering a building with toilet paper.

Wedgie, grabbing onto someone’s underpants and pulling at them.

• Wet willy, when a person puts their finger in their mouth and then in someone else’s ear.